Friday, July 13, 2012

Kandi's Confessions

Is it really Friday already?  This week has flown by.  I think I blinked and it was gone.  Although there have been rough spots.

  • Right now I have a small girl snuggled up as close as she can with the hot air balloon flier I picked up at the library.  She's picking out the balloons she wants to see.

  • A keeps begging to go backpack shopping.  I think we may take care of that today!

  • Next Saturday I will be running (jogging really) in my first 5k.    I'm nervous.

  • I love, adore actually, that CS prefers to hang out with Mommy and watch Good Morning America instead of cartoons.

  • For the last several days, Ren has been asking Chuck to help him build his new LEGO Ninjago set.  Unfortunately Chuck has been working late every evening and hasn't gotten home until the kids were in bed.  So, I built the set last night after Ren was in bed and left it out as a surprise.  When Ren saw it he came running in and telling me how excited he was that Daddy built the set for him.  I didn't correct him.  I'd rather Chuck be his hero in this instance.  I'm awesome like that.  ;)

  • Yesterday the kids and I went to a pool party.  It was so much fun!  I truly love hanging out with all the kids and Moms that were there!

  • At the pool party, I made sure to re-apply sunscreen to the kids each time they got out of the pool.  Then I totally forgot to re-apply it to myself.  Guess who has sunburned shoulders?  Yup, me.  I could kick myself.  I'm not normally that forgetful.  Especially with sunscreen.  I mean, I'm a Coppertone Water Mom.  I know better!  Although in my defense, it was lunchtime and my 3 were being kind of demanding, so I know why I forgot.  Still, I never forget that!

  • I'm sort of a sunscreen fanatic.  I have had 2 cancerous spots of skin removed so sun burn is not something I take lightly.

  • I called my doctor on Tuesday after writing Transformation Tuesday.  She ask me to come in (at no charge because she's kind of awesome like that) and do a quick iron test.  Sure enough, my iron is low.  I started a supplement and am feeling a little better already.  She also recommended I try a B12 supplement.

  • I realized that I can never live in the country (sorry Andrea, but you know it's true!).  I like the hustle and bustle.  If Chuck had continued to work in Cincinnati, we'd kicked around selling our house and moving downtown.  Our kids are into the arts as much as we are.  We go downtown several times a week.  The little city we live in has made us realize how much we love urban areas.  Yes, there is a downside, but there is downside to everything.

  • Speaking of the city, I have a post for next week that I'm going to rant.  You have been warned!  It's something that is very close to me and I get quite fed up with listening to others put it down.

  • I keep getting distracted from writing these.  I just got a package delivery and it the items inside were packed in dry ice.  Cannot wait to do some experiments with the kids this afternoon.  So much fun to be had!

Well, I think that's it.  Make sure to check out Andrea's confessions and have a super weekend!

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