Friday, October 19, 2012

Kandi's Confessions ~ This has been a weird week edition

This has been a weird week for me.  Here's why:

  • I took CS for her 5 year check-up and while there found out she has walking pneumonia.  This kid has said nothing and shown no signs of being sick.  I was shocked.  I also felt like the world's worst Mom.  Why didn't I see something different?

  • Did you know that without a cell phone you lose contact with lots of friends?  I guess it's the whole "everybody texts" thing.  All I know is that it's going to be a bit before a cell bill can fit into our budget, so it's back to landline only for me.  My nice iPhone is now a glorified iPod Touch.

  • The biggest downfall to no cell/texting is that I've heard nothing from the kids soccer coaches all week.  I took Ren to practice on Tuesday, but it had obviously been cancelled.  Ditto with A on Wednesday.  Any idea what it's like to prepare a fast dinner from scratch, eat, rush to get soccer gear on, rush to the practice fields and only then find out you're the only car in the parking lot?  Yeah...

  • I went through my super old blog over the weekend and read stories about house hunting and the kids.  I started writing that blog before CS was even born, so it was a time warp.  I also shared too much information about my kids names and where we lived, etc.  Thankfully it's a private blog now, so no one can see unless you ask.

  • We deviated from our normal weeknight routine this week.  That won't happen again.  The whole family was out of sorts and they blamed me.  Obviously we are all type-A.  haha.

  • I feel guilty when I don't post for a few days.

  • I have found a new show that I love.  It's on PBS and called "Call the Midwife".  Love it!

  • Chuck's family added a new baby last night.  Congrats to the new parents!  He's such a cutie!

  • I've gotten 2 of my 3 kids school pictures back.  Ren's are great and he suddenly looks so much older.  A's are good too, sort of.  She popped her fake smile on her face and the photographer snapped the picture.  A has a good fake smile, but her real smile is so wonderful!  Her real smile has dimples on her cheeks and a cleft in her chin.  None of those things show in her fake smile.  I ask her why she pulled out the fake and she said because it was only a 'school picture' and doesn't matter.  Guess she didn't realize I was going to hang it on the wall.  :)

  • CS and her bff got to hang out this week.  Those two girls are a force when together.  Look out world, they will charm you!

  • It was a big birthday week around here.  A's bff and CS's bbff (boy best friend forever) both celebrated birthday's.

  • Next week CS turns 5.  I looked at her today and wondered how she got to 5 so quickly.

  • Best quote of my week, thanks to CS was "Mommy, you're my favorite creature".  Thanks to Disney and the Octonauts!

Well, I think that's it.  This is our final weekend of regular season soccer and then it's on to tournaments.  We will also be heading to HallZOOween this weekend and that should be loads of fun!  Have a terrific fall weekend!

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