Monday, October 15, 2012

Line drying

This isn't going to be a long post, but more of a question.

Do you line dry your clothes year round?  This is assuming, of course, that you line dry your clothes.  I ask because unless there is a lot of snow on the ground or it's raining on laundry day, I do.

Now, don't go thinking I'm one of those Moms who hangs everything on the clothes line.  I'm not.  I do hang a lot of clothes out, but there are a few exceptions.

  • Jeans

  • underthings

  • bright clothing

  • Jeans (oh wait, I already said that one, but it's worth mentioning twice).

I do love to hang sheets and bedding out on the line year round.  I was ask why and I couldn't come up with an answer.  I think that by hanging our clothes and the amount of recycling we have each week, that my neighbors think I am a bit odd.  Not that recycling is odd in my neighborhood, it's not.  It's that while most of our neighbors have the small recycling totes, we have the huge recycling can with wheels.  It looks like the rolling garbage cans, but it's green and bit smaller.  We are the only people on our block with one.  Then again, it's worth noting that we are also the only people on our block with children.  The neighbor "kids" are in college or grown.  Oodles of empty nester's in my 'hood.

I got off track, so back to my original question.  Do you line dry clothing, bedding and the like year round or just in the summer when it's hot and the sun is brighter?

I'm really curious about this.  Maybe because I want to know I'm not alone.

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  1. I don't have a clothes line--we live in a townhouse--but I do have a small foldable clothes rack and I put it out on the patio on nice or windy days. I usually just do it when it's nice out and the clothes will dry quickly, since otherwise I'll get backed up on laundry. I do love the scent of outdoor-dried clothes, though. Feels like spring!