Friday, July 20, 2012

Kandi's Confessions

My confessions are quite boring this week.  Nothing really happened.

  • It's rained off and on the last couple of days.  My garden grew an inch overnight.  Thank you Mother Nature for making my garden (and me) happy.

  • I got the nicest message on Facebook from a friend this morning.  He has been on his own lifestyle change journey.  He lives in a different part of Ohio, but wanted me to know he was supporting me in my journey and to know that he'd be cheering from his part of the state.  It was so sweet, but then, he's a nice guy (and his wife is ultra sweet as well!).

  • I've been turning on the TV this week and putting it on a video station like old Mtv videos or VH1 or CMT.  However, they repeatedly show those "vaginal mesh lawsuit" commercials.  I just have a serious dislike to "phishing" commercials.

  • My kids have been hysterically funny this week.  Saying some of the cutest things ever.  Here's a quick sample of them.   "Ren just got a letter from his teacher. The beginning said "Can you believe you're going to be an older in my classroom this year?" (They have the same teacher for 2 years at his school). Anyway, it went on to say how she looked forward to him being a wonderful leader and responsible role model this year. His response? "oh pickles Mommy, now I have to knock off the funny stuff".

  • I am in a funk.  Like an *I'm almost worried I may be getting depressed* funk.  I know why I've been feeling this way and there isn't anything I can do to change it.

  • This funk has to do with Chuck and his new job.  I know things will even out eventually, but it's been really hard on the kids with their Dad going to work before they get up for the day and coming home after they are already in bed for the night.  Ren got angry yesterday and I ask him what was wrong.  He yelled at me "I need my Daddy because you won't understand".  Broke. My. Heart.  I mentioned it to Chuck and I know he feels awful about working so much, but there really isn't a lot he can do right now.

  • With all this working I'm worried about the upcoming soccer season.  3 kids, 3 different leagues.  If their practices wind up being at different places on the same day, I'm screwed.

  • CS is officially enrolled in the local Catholic preschool.  She is beside herself excited!  I'm pretty happy as well.  We love this school and the teachers.  The other two kids attended here as well and loved it!

  • I want a new car.  I'm so envious of all the bells and whistles on Chuck's new truck.  Really, I just want a minivan with automatic sliding doors.  Choosing the type of car is something different.  I don't know if I want another minivan or move onto something like a crossover or SUV.  The kids are all in booster seats at this point, so room for the big bulky carseats isn't really an issue anymore.

  • We are hoping to go camping in the next few weeks.  Hoping being the operative word here.

  • Tomorrow I will run/walk in the first 5k I've ever been in.  I'm so nervous and a thousand different scenarios keep playing in my head.  I know I will finish and I know it will be fun.  The Color Me Rad 5k is visiting various cities throughout the US.  Check the website and see if it's coming to yours.  I promise to share pictures of the adventure next week!

Well, that's it for now.  I need to get some housework done before my 3 little tornadoes can make it any worse.  Have a terrific weekend everyone!

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