Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Transformation Tuesday ~The I've been so lazy edition

First off, I just woke up.  It's almost 10 in the morning my time, on a random Tuesday, and I just woke up.  I'm awesome and so are my kids for sleeping this long too!  Woot!

Now, on with the actual post.  I've been so lazy these last couple of weeks.  If you keep up with the blog at all, you know that I've been dealing with some head issues.  Literally.  My head hurt for around 2 1/2 weeks straight.  Once our new insurance took effect (because of the new job we lost insurance for about 6 weeks and Cobra cost more than our house we opted not to use it), I headed to the doctors.  Apparently, I wrenched a muscle.  Seriously.  Go ahead and laugh.  I pulled a muscle in my shoulder and neck.  This combined with the horrible stress I've been under and viola!  Head pain city.  I'm thankful it was something easy.  I was preparing myself for a CAT scan or the like and well, I have a deep fear of enclosed spaces.  We'll just leave it at that.

That being said, I've been lazy.  Super lazy.  My diet isn't wavering, thankfully.  However, my weight has.  I've gained back 4 pounds.  I'm not happy with that.  At. All.

This week started a new schedule.  All three of the kids are participating in SAY soccer this fall.  Between them, they have practice every night of the week, including Friday.  What's a Mom to do for an hour while a kid is practicing?  Well, the park they practice at just happens to have an awesome walking path all around it.  My goal is to walk the path during each practice.  Now, I will probably have the kids who aren't practicing in tow, so walking is the goal here.  I could run on the days that A isn't practicing, but let's face it.  It's hot.  I prefer running in a air conditioned Y thank you very much.  I'm spoiled and all.  Well, that and I don't have running shoes right now.  I went and had my feet measured and now they have to order my shoes.  Why?  I have a size 11 foot is why.  Yup, you read that correctly.  A size 11 people.  I have a job that required standing all day and 3 pregnancies to blame for that size.  Before them, I wore a size 9.  Sometimes life is not fair.  :)

My weight right now is skirting around 215.  My exercise is lacking, but my diet is good.

How is your weight loss or lifestyle change going?  Please share!

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  1. That's good that you got your pain figured out! That is a great plan that you have for an hour while your kids are at soccer!!

    I had the same thing happen to me as well with growing feet!! It is crazy!! I was always a size 9 then after my second it jumped to a ten! After I lost most of the weight my feet are 9 1/2. Weird how your body changes like that!